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Designer Resources

Are you a knitwear designer, or design-curious?

When I first started designing, grading, publishing, marketing and building a career around my handknits, I was overwhelmed.

But here's what I know - designers are the scrappy, self-taught, do-it-yourself types. They have to be, but it's also who they are.

Here, I've gathered some of my the key resources I tap regularly, and a few I relied on when I was new. I hope this round-up is useful for you!


Design Project Tracker (free resource)

It's a lot of work to take a design from sketch to launch. Work smarter, not longer, with a single document that helps you capture critical information at each step.

Use the Tracker to:

  • Identify your customer and their needs

  • Clarify any partnerships and set goals

  • Detail your timeline

  • Write and schedule content

  • Set launch goals

  • Organize your key links & hashtags

Free Design Project Tracker

Looking for 1:1 support?

My Professional Mentorship program is designed to give you a partner. This three-month program includes regular coaching, a targeted road map, and an all-access pass for the duration of the program.

Professional Mentorship

Digital Resources

Looking for printables and templates designed to simplify your work? These tools are designed to give you exactly what you need and nothing you don't - and priced so that you can build your toolkit without breaking the bank.

Note - thank you to Kofi subscribers, who make it possible for me to offer these at price that works for new designers!

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Digtal Resource Library


Knitting and Grading Books

  • The Principles of Knitting, June Hemmons Hiatt

  • Ultimate Sweater Book, Amy Herzog

  • Finishing School, Deborah Newton

  • The Palmer/Pletsch Complete Guide to Fitting, Pati Palmer and Marta Alto

  • Knitwear Design Workshop, Shirley Paden

  • Little Red in the City, Ysolda Teague

Business and Marketing for Knitwear Designers

  • Everybody Writes: Your Go-To Guide to Creating Ridiculously Good Content, Ann Handley

  • Ogilvy on Advertising, David Ogilvy

  • Alchemy: The Dark Art and Curious Science of Creating Magic in Brands, Business, and Life, Rory Sutherland

  • The Copywriter's Handbook: A Step-by-Step Guide to Writing Copy That Sells (4th Edition), Robert W Bly

  • The One Hour Content Plan: The Solopreneur’s Guide to a Year’s Worth of Blog Post Ideas in 60 Minutes and Creating Content That Hooks and Sells, Meera Kothland

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