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Worn alone or layered, Herbalist is a 'reach for it everyday' kind of sweater, perfect for showcasing a special speckled yarn. The comfortable and easy-to-wear silhouette has an all-over cable texture on the body and quick knitting stockinette sleeves. The pattern is loaded with support, so you can truly make this sweater your own.

Herbalist size B


To achieve the best fit, fronts, backs and sleeves are knit flat and seamed. Stretchy tubular cast-ons and bind-offs create finely finished and durable hems, cuffs and collar.

This pattern includes progress charts for tracking stitch counts row-by-row as you work the shaping that creates the yoke in the back and the yoke and neckline in the front.


Herbalist includes sizing recommendations based on the upper chest measurement. This sizing recommendation will help knitters that don't fit the 'average' size chart make a more informed choice on size. Of course, knitters who happily choose their size based on the full chest measurement will still have all the info needed to choose their size the traditional way. You can learn more here!

As written, this pattern is for all genders, with the same ease in the front and back. The pattern includes bonus materials to work a width-wise full bust adjustment by adding one or two inches to the front only.


As written, this is a cropped sweater. But if you'd like to knit a hip-length sweater, yardage and instructions are provided. Before you write off a cropped length though, check out some styling tips from Grace!

Jen Parroccini Wandered Goods-27.jpg

"I can’t tell you how many times I heard while working in a knit shop or teaching “I can’t wear a crop top” or “how can I add length” or some variation. HERE TO SAY ALL BODIES ARE CROP TOP BODIES! All wardrobes are crop top wardrobes!


That said I want everyone to knit sweaters they LOVE and will wear. Something I loved about the Herbalist pattern is that Jen added specific directions for how and where to add length to customize it.


This is a great sweater to test run with a crop because you can decide how cropped it gets. I also love a boxy crop length. It leaves a lot of room (pun always intended) to fit in with your wardrobe. It creates a lot of great shapes while layering, and you don’t need to be concerned about it being too snug around your midsection (a feeling I hate very much)." - Grace, tester


Knitting should be fun! Herbalist includes lots of opportunities to practice a new skill, but won't overwhelm. Techniques include a tubular cast-on and cast-off, working cables, picking up and knitting stitches, and seaming - and you'll work only one at a time.

Optional instructions are given for a 'perfect swatch,' including the opportunity to practice the tubular cast-on.

"I worked the optional perfect swatch. I love the idea of it. It gives a good idea of what the finished sweater will look like, and a more accurate gauge" - Denise, tester"

Shari started knitting sweaters just this year, and Herbalist is the third sweater pattern she's worked. When she took her finished sweater into her LYS, Yarndezvous, they put it right on the dressform to share it with their community!  Shari gave me this feedback in the test: 

"It's not clear to me how to rate difficulty. There were a number of new skills so there were parts that required more attention but also tons of relaxing knitting and the finished product was well worth the effort. It will make me smile BIG every time I see my sister wear it! 


Also, Scoop Shop was my first constructed sweater, Herbalist was my second. This whole experience has converted me to a sweater knitter with a preference for a constructed sweater."  - Shari, Tester

Jen Parroccini Wandered Goods-10.jpg


Herbalist has 18 sizes, finished chest measurements from 34.25 - 68.25 inches / 85.5 - 170.5 cm (modifying the sweater to add extra width in the front, as described above, adds up to 2", for a maximum of 70.25 inches).


A copy of the schematic with finished measurements and yardage for each size can be downloaded here.

To see projects from other knitters, you can follow the #HerbalistSweater hashtag on Instagram. Some truly beautiful sweaters can be found there!


Note, some tester links lead to Ravelry pages.

Testers: Fiona, Adrian, Grace, Liz, Leslie, Denise, Robin, Donna, Lili, Shari, Anna-Lisa, Maria, Rosita, Trang, Amanda


Tech Edit:  Heather Storta

Model & Jewelry: Haley McCarter, Wandered Goods

Photography, modeled photos: Three Fifteen Design

Yarn: House of a la Mode House DK

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