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Learn With Me

Hey knitters & designers!

My favorite part of the knitting world is the connections and relationships we create and foster. We are a rich community with so much to offer each other! If you don't see what you're looking for below, please send me an email so we can chat more.

- Jen


1:1 Business Consulting

Making a financial plan, marketing your designs, collaborating with others - this is your session for non-grading business consulting in the fiber arts.

This is a 60 minute Zoom call.


1:1 For Knitters

Whatever you're grappling with, we can tackle together.

This is a 30 minute Zoom call.


1:1 Grading & Design Consulting

Whether you're stuck or just planning ahead, looking for a second set of eyes or in-depth partnership - this is the session for all your help with grading.

This is a 60 minute Zoom call.


1:1 Coffee Chat

So you've been looking over my site and want to know more about working with me for your knitting project, design consulting, or grading project?

Let's chat for a few minutes, absolutely no obligation. This is a 15 minute Zoom call.

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