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Letters From the Open Road


Whether you lean towards sassy athleisure or moto-jacket sophisticated, this bespoke jacket will absolutely showcase your talents. As a friend of mine put it, "that's a bit of a flex, then, isn't it?"

And YES! Letters From the Open Road is packed with thoughtful details: more ease in the front than the back, sewn tubular bind-offs, self-facing hems and collars.

This pattern has your back: you can look forward to step-by-step instructions, video for the zipper installation, and a comprehensive zipper supplement with lots of photos. Even if all the special techniques are new to you, you'll have what you need to succeed.

Jennifer L. Parroccini Designs-36-2.jpg

"This is the type of sweater where you feel such gratification and pride after completing it and while wearing it.


It has beautiful and elegant details yet there is nothing unattainable or overly complicated about it. The welts are easier than expected and only require basic knitting knowledge. The zipper is a bit tricky but the instructions are clear and the photos are very helpful.

And the seams, oh the seams! These were excellent seams... I normally hate seaming but this was so easy. I was always a heavy advocate for knitting tops in the round and I think I will never go back.

This is a sweater that will actually get worn because the fit is perfect. Jen has a ton of knowledge on fit and sizing and it really shines through this pattern."

- Soda, tester


Pictured: Soda knit the size F. Soda picked up fewer stitches for the hem to cinch the waist in, and she used her hand-dyed yarn (Pretty In Peach Yarnery). See more photos of Soda's sweater in the gallery.


Letters From the Open Road is worked in pieces from the bottom up. You'll work the fronts and back first, then seam them together. Stitches are picked up on either side of the front and the welted zipper plackets are worked by slipping stitches. Stitches are picked up and knit for the hem and the collar; the zipper is sewn in by hand (using a sewing machine is not recommended). Sleeves are knit flat and seamed, and then set in.

Jennifer L. Parroccini Designs-80.jpg


A (B, C, D) [E, F, G] (H, I, J)

To fit actual upper chest measurement: 29.5 (32.75, 36, 39.25) [42.5, 45.75, 49] (52.25, 55.5, 58.75) inches / 73 (82, 90, 98) [106.5, 114.5, 122.5] (130.5, 139, 147) cm

Finished full bust measurement, zipped: 31 (35.5, 39.5, 43.5) [47.5, 51, 55] (59, 63, 66.5) inches / 77.5 (89, 99, 109) [119, 127.5, 137.5] (147.5, 157.5, 166) cm

Finished upper sleeve circumference: 11 (11.75, 13, 13.75) [15, 16.25, 17.5] (19, 20.75, 22.25) inches / 27.5 (29.5, 32.5, 34.5) [37.5, 40.5, 44] (47.5, 52, 55.5) cm


I recommend choosing a size based on your upper chest measurement. Intended ease is approximately 2-3 inches at the full bust and 2" at the upper arm. For more information on choosing a size using your upper chest measurement, visit this blog post.

Note: This sweater is graded for bodies with breasts, and has more material in the front than the back. The difference between the back width and the front width at the full bust is 1 (1, 1.5, 2) [2.75, 1.5, 2] (2.75, 3.25, 4.5) inches / 2.5 (2.5, 4, 5.5) [6.5, 4, 5.5] (6.5, 8, 11) cm.

I am wearing size D  in Length A (20" / 50 cm zipper), with 3" of ease at the full chest. Instructions and yardage are also provided if you would like to create a longer sweater, using a 24 inch / 60 cm zipper (length B) or a 28 inch / 70 cm zipper (length C). Length can be adjusted for other zipper lengths by working more or fewer rows between the cast on and the underarm.


"I highly recommend this sweater for not experienced knitters as well. The instructions are clear, written in a really understandable way and Jen has some videos as well. Don’t be afraid of seeing the zipper! The zipper makes this sweater so unique and beautiful!" 

- Maria, tester


Pictured: Maria knit the size D in Length B, using yarn she dyed for this project. See more photos of Maria's sweater in the gallery.


  • Working directional increases and decreases 

  • Working a sloped bind-off (optional) 

  • Working a tubular cast-on (optional) 

  • Picking up and working stitches 

  • Sewing a tubular bind-off (optional) 

  • Handsewing (for the zipper) 

  • Seaming 

  • Recognizing a knit and purl on the needle


Sprinkled Fibers 2 Ply Fingering

80% Superwash Merino, 20% nylon; 463 yards per 100g skein

This is a lightweight yarn with a subtle speckle that lends the garment depth. The 2 ply yarn, held double, creates a very textural fabric. Main Color is held double for the Seersucker Stitch and held single for the welted Zipper Placket. Lengths A - C are for zippers 50, 60, and 70 cm.

Main Color

Length A: 2715 (2955, 3220, 3495) [3760, 3990, 4245] (4525, 4825, 5030)

 yds / 2715 (2955, 3220, 3495) [3760, 3990, 4245] (4525, 4825, 5030) m

6 (7, 7, 8) [9, 9, 10] (10, 11, 11) skeins

Length B: 3005 (3290, 3600, 3920) [4230, 4495, 4790] (5115, 5455, 5695) yds / 2750 (3005, 3295, 3585) [3865, 4110, 4380] (4675, 4990, 5210) m

7 (8, 8, 9) [10, 10, 11] (12, 12, 13) skeins

Length C: 3315 (3640, 4005, 4365) [4720, 5025, 5365] (5735, 6120, 6400) yds / 3030 (3330, 3660, 3995) [4315, 4595, 4905] (5245, 5595, 5850) m

8 (8, 9, 10) [11, 11, 12] (13, 14, 14) skeins

Contrasting color

Length A: 65 yds

Length B: 70 yds

Length C: 90 yds


Interested in a kit for this project? Send Sprinkled Fibers a message on Instagram!


28 sts and 40 rows over 4 inches / 10 cm in Seersucker Stitch with size A needles.

"I adore this sweater. It fits like a dream - I'm already planning to use this silhouette in other sweaters, and I'm tempted to add zippers to absolutely everything now!

My main color was Cascade 220 fingering held double (a budget friendly yarn); my contrasting colors were various hand-dyed scraps from my stash. The welts provide the perfect opportunity to showcase a few special scraps or minis, while still working within a budget <3"

- Molly, tester

Pictured: Molly knit the size F, used a 24" zipper, and modified the sleeve length for a custom fit. For more info on adjusting your sleeve lengths, visit my blog post Success with Sleeve Length. See more of Molly's photos in the gallery.



  • Stitch markers (optional) 

  • Tapestry needle 

  • Smooth waste yarn in contrasting color for the tubular cast-on (optional)

  • Spare DPN

  • Cable needle

  • Sewing needle and cotton thread

  • Straight pins 

  • Separating jacket zipper (instructions are given for 20, 24 and 28 inch / 50, 60 and 70 cm zippers)


Pictured: Maria knit a second size D. See more of Molly's photos in the gallery.


Yarn: Sprinkled Fibers

Tech edit: Boann Petersen

Photography: Hypnotic Imagery, LLC

Testers: Soda, Maria, Lea, Molly, Zofie, Colette, Cornelia, Fiona, Annamaria, Elizabeth MargaretAsliShari

To check out the vibe of this sweater, visit the moodboard on Pinterest!

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