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Mini Drama


Here's the thing with little skeins: if you don't swatch with them, how can you plan a project? But if you swatch, you've used up lots of your yarn! Enter Mini Drama, a flexible pattern for making the most of your mini skeins, half skeins, scraps, or gradient packs.



Mini Drama starts with a few stitches at the top back neck, and is worked out and down into a triangle.

Specific instructions are provided to create a shawlette and a full-sized shawl. Also included are tips for creating a shawl of any size.


The shawlette-sized project, 23" (58.5 cm) from neck to the tip of the triangle, and with a 51.5" (130.5 cm) wingspan, is written for a 5 skein mini gradient set and a full-sized skein for the main color. Shown here in Sprinkled Fibers fingering weight yarn.


The shawl-sized project, 36" (91 cm) from neck to the tip of the triangle, and with a 82" (130.5 cm) wingspan, uses half-sized skeins. Shown here in Showstopper: Intermission, from Leading Men Fiber Arts.



Linen stitch is created by slipping every other stitch so that your yarn creates a woven fabric with very little stretch, tons of body, and beautiful drape. It's the perfect stitch for showcasing a special yarn because it's subtle and not distracting, and nuances and speckles pop on the flat, smooth surface.



Note, some tester links lead to Ravelry pages.

Testers: Kelly, Tonya, Andrea, Leslie, Indira

Tech Edit:  Heather Storta

Photography: Anna-Lisa Miller

Sample 1 (coral and teal gradient)

Yarn: Sprinkled Fibers

Earrings: Isabel Vassiliadis

Sample 2 (saturated tonals)

Yarn: Leading Men Fiber Arts

Earrings: Marisa Herron


A copy of the schematic with finished measurements and yardage can be downloaded here.

To see projects from other knitters, you can follow the #MiniDramaScarf hashtag on Instagram. Some truly beautiful sweaters can be found there!

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