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5 ways to bring out the brights

Every knitter I know has a few skeins on their shelf they haven't worked in yet.

They picked out that color because they loved it, and they still do. But they aren't sure just how to use it so that it will get worn.

I teach a workshop in the winter and fall, called "Your Handknit Wardrobe." Today I wanted to share my top tips for getting those skeins on your body - tips that I KNOW work for knitters (and have worked for me!)


Bring in a one-skein wonder (or two, or...)

I opened this post with my Carol Bralette (available from Elizabeth Margaret), so let's start here!

Nothing in my existing wardrobe goes with neon green or banana yellow. Except maybe the sports bra I'm wearing with it, but I don't usually plan my underwear as outerwear, so I ain't counting it 😂

BUT, by pairing these colors with neutrals - a jean jacket and black joggers, I can bring in an electric one-off. Need some ideas? How about a scarlet beret or a safety orange beanie? A vibrant off-the-shoulder crop tee layered over a blank ribbed tank?