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A romp through my stationary supplies


What are your go-to office supplies?

When I was a child there was a teacher supply store in the closest city. Later, there was Staples. Then? THE INTERNET.

This week I want to come clean about my biggest vice - office and stationery supplies. And hook you up with my fave places to shop online.


No fountain pens here

I just want to get that out of the way, because if you're a fountain pen person you should know that I am firmly team felt-tips and if that's a deal breaker for us I feel like I need to disclose it up front 😅



We'd lived here in Pennsylvania for a month when my six-year-old piped up. "Mama? Can we go to Portland [Oregon] this weekend and go to Collage?"

While it's not quite worth a six-hour flight, it's damn close. We love the mix of super cute kawaii supplies and serious art supplies. They have three locations in the metro area and an online shop - the pins and stickers are some of the best selections we've ever seen!


The cutest shop on the Internet

Expect a healthy transit time, but if you're looking for an incredibly fun package to unbox, swing by Kawaii Pen Shop. They have an incredible selection of pens and washi tape. Pass on the sticky notes though, almost all the ones I ordered were insufficiently sticky.


Mildliners and Noted pens

Mildliners and Noted pens are my go-to for all my bullet journal and editing needs.

I'm a huge nerd, and literally get down my color wheel and choose a palette. Bonus? These are easily found in most craft supply stores, office, and fine-art stores.

In my backpack, you'll find my dream combo for waiting rooms and pickup lines - a narrow-ruled Wit & Delight notebook and a color-coordinated set of pens and markers, all tucked neatly in my Case Study.


Stay organized

This rolling cart goes with me wherever I'm working, even if that means carrying it down the stairs. If I only need the pens, I can just grab the caddy. I keep washi tape on a rack on one side, pencils and sharpeners on another, and keep track of my multi-notebook system in the shelves below.

This cart is from Michael's, but I have other carts from Ikea that roll better. Find the one that fits your needs and create a little stationery heaven in your workspace!


If you'd like to celebrate your own office supplies, try Case Study

I know many of you are garment knitters, and you take your knitting seriously. But I'd love to invite you to play. Whether you're using scraps, experimenting with a color palette more bold than the one you normally wear, or whether you're matching your project to your notebooks and pens - Case Study is going to scratch that creative itch in a new way.

And then? Send me a photo of your sweet office supply collection. I promise we can be friends even if you're a fountain pen person ;)

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