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Book Review: Seasonal Slow Knitting

Updated: Sep 11, 2022

Are you someone who finds your knitting practice, ahem, changing in the summer? I know a lot of y’all garden and get outside during the summer, and maybe knit just a smidge less. Me too!

Let me Introduce You to Seasonal Slow Knitting

Seasonal Slow Knitting is Hannah Theissen’s newest book, and it's a delicious hardback book filled with tactile delight.

Do you know the feeling of poking through the things at your LYS register, trying to find one last unnecessary but indulgent small treat? Like, you don’t really need a new set of stitch markers, but they add delight to your practice?

Seasonal Slow Knitting captures that exact feeling. Packed with essays that are both practical and indulgent and designed to take you through the year in a mindful and grounded way, this book is a delight.

Knitting for Summer

"Embrace the desire to flutter from one yarn to another like a butterfly, swatching in various stitches and making notes, paging through pattern books and magazines.’

Coming in sweaty from yard work and a little sun soggy when I finally sit down in my knitting chair, the idea of simply skeining up some treats from my stash and dabbling instead of doing Serious Knitting sounds just right.

In Seasonal Slow Knitting, you’ll also find patterns (these baby blankets look so tender and weighty and practical!), tips for darning, and a sweet dialogue on the relationship between tea and knitting.

Finally, if you’re a ‘book person,’ you’ll want to hold this book in your hands. From the solid construction and embossed hardback to the heavy pages with beautiful, saturated photography, this book radiates Hannah’s attention to detail and appreciation of fine craftsmanship.

And no, this isn't an ad! I picked up a copy of Hannah’s book when I met her in person at Maryland Sheep and Wool, and I’ve been toting this book around and marveling at it ever since, and I couldn’t keep it to myself 😊 If you want a copy for yourself, you can find it on Hannah’s webpage (and even see a brief video tour of the boo