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Build an authentic capsule wardrobe

The clay-colored linen of my dreams! And look at that poppy gold!

It began with a tidy stack of naturally dyed skeins and a plan for the perfect sweater

Something changed for me when I got some skeins of Kelcey’s (KnittingNiqabi) fingering weight Ludo. It’s such a different color than my usual go-to's; it's saturated, complicated. Raspberries muddled in sunshine, seen through a golden hour filter. I wanted more.

A rusty raspberry sweater hem with deep ribbing and twisting cables. A shell with pink and peach rocks in it.
I'll take a chilly beach and a glass of red, please!

Then, I got my copy of Jacqueline Cieslak’s Embody. Hands down, my most worn garments are linen dresses with little to no shaping. I have two from Conscious Clothing and one from Simone's Rose, and I wear them every week, year-round. I knew right away that I wanted to sew the Woolfork dress, and I ordered my prints of the pattern immediately.

At my local independent fabric shop, I fell in love with a bolt of clay-colored linen. I tried hard not to look too closely at the price, closed my eyes, opened my wallet, and took it home.

A few days later, I was experimenting with dying some yarn using avocado pits, creating an earthy blush color. I haven't ever done this particular craft before, but was super inspired by Modus Operandi Fiber's Dirt & Dye leaflet and decided to just play. It was so much fun that I have half a dozen avocado pits waiting for me in the freezer for another go!

A pink and camel winter scarf with a gradient, a skein of yarn hand-dyed with avocado pits, creating a soft earthy blush.
I DYED this yarn! With FOOD!

Planning a wardrobe from scratch has never worked for me

In the past whenever I’ve tried to get serious about planning my wardrobe, I’ve gotten stuck on thoughts like “where do even start?” and “what exactly is my style?” and “will I actually wear this?” I’ve browsed Pinterest, trying to find looks and styles that resonate, but never able to quite translate that to my closet. Maybe I find a picture I like, but it's a dead-end, not available to buy. Or I can't imagine how I'd style it. I love that shirt, but it requires slacks and there's no way in a million years I'm going to wear them. Or, maybe wo