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Professional Mentorship

I've been where you are. Starting and growing a design business can be overwhelming.

Where should I spend my time? What’s the biggest priority? How do all these pieces fit together? Where do I find a resource for this drop shoulder issue? Is this normal? How are other designers doing this and do they know something I don’t?

If you’re ready to partner with someone who can help you go from overwhelmed and lost to organized, focused and proficient, Professional Mentorship is for you.



Professional Mentorship is a three-month, fixed-price coaching and consulting package, customized for your unique business. I take on only one mentee at a time, and I’m 100% in your corner.

Custom Roadmap

First, we’re going to make a plan for your three months. We’ll talk about where we want to focus and make an outline of what you’ll be working on and set goals for what you’ll accomplish. Things might evolve as we work together, but you’ll start with a clear picture of exactly where you’re going.


Two 1:1 mentor calls per month

In our calls, we’ll work on whatever you need - grading or design support, business planning or strategy, content planning, running an inclusive test, crafting fair agreements with dyers, writing pitches and design submissions, creating press releases or marketing plans, whatever will make the biggest impact for your unique business.

In our time together, I’ll pull from my experiences as a marketing freelancer, tailor, size-inclusive designer, and grader as well as experiences from my past jobs in nonprofit management and as a certified public accountant. You’ll be able to leverage my knitting industry and my financial and managerial experience to create a business that’s both values-led and sustainable, and that features patterns you can be confident about and stand by with pride.

Personal support

Between calls, you’ll be able to use Voxer to message me for quick check-ins, feedback requests, accountability check-ins, or to celebrate your wins.

All-access pass

Love to see behind the scenes? During your Mentorship, you’ll get a copy of every independent pattern I release and access to all of my classes*, as well as a copy of any other digital products I create.

*Classes taught for yarn stores, guilds or with other third parties excluded



Professional Mentorship is $319 per month, or pay up-front for all three months for $869.


I accept just one mentee at a time, and you can apply here.


Send me an email, or book a 15 minute (free) virtual coffee. Let's see if the Professional Mentorship is right for you!

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