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Plus sized knit night

Camraderie, support, and open Q&A

  • Online via Zoom


This is half zoom knit night / half meetup / half open studio hours clinic. Yes, that's three halves, but we're going to make it awesome. Plus sized knitters face unique challenges in finding and choosing patterns, selecting a size, making modifications, and knitting hecking lots more stitches. I can't make the whole world more fair, but I can offer a fun Friday Knit Night for plus sized knitters. We can use this time to: 1. Workshop a sweater you're considering, and help you choose a size (any pattern, doesn't have to be mine), 2. Talk about any fit topics you'd like covered (I won't bring a slide deck, but you bring your questions and we'll get into the weeds on anything you like, And, 3. Hang out and put in some stitches together! Admission is free, because it's already more expensive to be a fat knitter. If you're moved to help offset the cost of holding the event, feel free to leave a contribution on my ko-fi page (link below), but no pressure at all. Attendance is limited to 35 people.

Cancelation Policy

To cancel or reschedule, please contact me 24 hours before the class.

Contact Details

4607 Library Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15234, USA

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